October, 2019

World Patient Safety Day Celebration Was September 17th, 2019 

  • “I have worked in healthcare for 30 years and only now did I realize that neither my wife nor I had our lists of medications or our advance directives complete.”
  • “If your child is in college and is hurt, you may not be able to help if there is no signed healthcare proxy form.”
  • “My sister chewed her medication instead of swallowing it whole. No one told her how to take it.”
  • “My family member didn't realize the new medication was causing the symptoms and had side effects.”
  • “My wife was my advocate. She probably saved my life by asking questions of everyone.”

These are just a few of the stories people shared during the World Patient Safety Day presentations and discussion in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. Participants shared experiences and solutions to how they can be part of the patient safety team.  Participation from the Professionals for Patient Safety group reminded participants that consumer protection and patient safety is everyone’s responsibility and must start before a person becomes a patient.

Though Patient Safety Day is over, we are still collecting pledges!  Take the Pledge and see who did already. www.patientsafetypledge.org





Right: Concetta G. Spirio, Esq. discusses the importance of advance directives and then accepts her “I took the Pledge” certificate.


Left: Clemencia Solorzano, Pharm.D, Pulse Professionals for Patient Safety Founding Member, talks to the audience about the importance of keeping a list of medications up to date.

ImageMary Redler, Event Organizer, from Step Ahead Networking distributes “I Took the Pledge” certificates to PPS member and Patient Advocate David Fielding, Engage Caring Solutions Networking distributes “I Took the Pledge” certificates to PPS member 

Comedy for a Cause

Comedy for a Cause: Patient Safety isn’t Funny but Laughter is Still the Best Medicine.

What a great night we had with a full house and laughter all evening as we raised money for Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy.

Some photos below and see more highlights at www.patientsafetyevent.org