Pulse CPSEA Completes 2020 TakeCHARGE Campaign on Sept 17, World Patient Safety Day

Pulse CPSEA Completes 2020 TakeCHARGE Campaign on Sept 17, World Patient Safety Day

“5 Steps to Safer Health Care” message to continue into 2021

Leading community educator Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy is ending its 2020 public awareness drive, the TakeCHARGE Campaign (5 Steps to Safer Health Care) to mark World Patient Safety Day on September 17.

Pulse President Ilene Corina says, “World Patient Safety Day is a fitting moment to wrap up, temporarily, our successful 2020 TakeCHARGE campaign. Starting in March during Patient Safety Awareness Week, we asked people everywhere to take one step each month that would contribute to better outcomes the next time they need to use the healthcare system.”

The 5 Steps are:

  1. Complete your Advance Directives, specifying your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event you are unable to communicate
  2. Create and maintain a personal medical history and medications list
  3. Before your next medical appointment, write a list of questions for the doctor
  4. Make sure all medical providers help prevent infection by washing their hands
  5. Use a patient advocate, and be an advocate for others

The campaign, conducted mainly online and via social media due to the covid-19 pandemic, reached thousands of people and raised awareness of patient safety issues, and is training a new corps of “Ambassadors” who will educate others and spread the word further.  During this short time, almost forty presentations about the campaign were given in person and through Zoom. Sponsors receive free presentations for their family, staff, colleagues or associations. Learn more about sponsorship here.

Corina continues, “Although World Patient Safety Day marks the official end of the 2020 TakeCHARGE Campaign we will continue to train TakeCHARGE Ambassadors, and encourage others to take the 5 Steps for the rest of the year. And next March, we expect to kick off the 2021 edition of the Campaign with renewed energy and  tools to reach the wider community.”

To see what it’s all about, please visit the TakeCHARGE website, info about Zoom presentations, and the social media pages linked here.

To support the campaign, and have some fun too, attend the upcoming Virtual Fundraiser, with online musical bingo, and lots of raffle prizes to be won.

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