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L Bradley Schwartz, Founder, Greater National Advocates

For more than 20 years, L. Bradley Schwartz represented insurance companies, defending against lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries until his own experience with the healthcare system caused him to see things differently.

Join us on December 14th, 2020 and learn about his journey through the healthcare system and how this life-changing experience catapulted him into working for change by forming the Greater National Advocates, a national nonprofit foundation with a public service mission to expose and promote independent patient advocacy.

Brad is a former board member of NAHAC (National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants) and he served on PACB (Patient Advocacy Certification Board) and various health and insurance law committees. Since launching in March 2020, GNANOW.ORG, the organization’s national directory has already reached thousands of patients and loved ones in need.

L. Bradley Schwartz
L. Bradley Schwartz


People for Patient Safety are members of the health care workforce (current or retired), patient advocates, people who care for others as caregivers, and all community members who have experience with the health care system who want to help empower patients and their families to navigate the healthcare system for safe, quality care.

We welcome guest speakers and participation from people to share experiences and knowledge about safe medical treatment.  PPS is not about your health, it's about your health care which is the journey to better health outcomes.

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PPS History

PPS was founded in 2014 as a way for health care professionals, caregivers, and community members to share helpful information about patient safety.  Participants learn from each other what has worked for others and ways to become more knowledgeable about safe care and best practices.

PPS is not about your health and there is no medical advice offered.  PPS is about health care which is the journey to the best health outcomes, often missed in caring for patients.


If you have any ideas for speakers, would like to be a speaker, or are interested in joining this vibrant, active planning committee, please contact one of the team members.

Cathy Bond - Founder
Atlanta GA

Ilene Corina, BCPA, President
Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy
Long Island, NY

David Fielding, MPH, BCPA CEO
Engage Caring Solutions
Long Island, NY

Disclaimer: The information which is shared during Pulse meetings and programs does not constitute professional advice and should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any illness either physical, mental or emotional.  Continue here