People for Patient Safety are members of the health care workforce (current or retired), patient advocates, people who care for others as caregivers and all community members who have experience with the health care system who want to help empower patients and their families to navigate the healthcare system for safe, quality care.

During this time of social distancing we welcome people who usually can't attend our in person meetings to attend and consider starting a PPS in your community.

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Each month we have a topic that is related to medical care. Whether it’s before, during or after entering the health care system, the complex situation can be overwhelming to the person preparing to become a patient, their family and even the medical professionals caring for them.

By discussing together, what’s on your mind, the People for Patient Safety meeting is sure to hit on a topic that is educational, inspiring, thought provoking and / or helpful in your journey or the journey of someone you care about.
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Dear Friends of Pulse,

You may have noticed the group’s name change from Professionals for Patient Safety to People for Patient Safety.  This is for positive reasons! With a growing interest in our work and the partnerships we encourage in healthcare, many people have asked us to be sure everyone is included in patient safety. Though PPS started with professionals working in the healthcare system — whose expertise, knowledge and passion for positive patient outcomes we still welcome — we want to be sure that all people feel included.

Meetings will continue monthly with topics related to improvements in care, and including healthcare professionals sharing their knowledge and expertise so we can all be safer and well prepared as patients.

There is no charge to join Pulse programs, but if you would like to make a donation, please consider helping to support this work. PPS donations can be made here:


PPS is a community based networking event for healthcare professionals and community members working together to improve patient outcomes.

You are encouraged to read about how Pulse meetings and programs are held before registering. Learn about Pulse programs here

New Meeting Information

Meetings are presently through Zoom until further notice.  We can now reach anyone in the world!

Meetings for 2020

Mondays, 7:00 PM Eastern, New York Time

January 13th  - New Year, New Place!

February 10th - About The Take Charge Campaign

March 9th  - TakeCharge Kick off and discussion What Would You Do? David Fielding, BCPA and Ruthlyn Noel, BCPA 

April 13th Advance Directives,  Susan Capurso, East End Doula Care  and Ruthlyn Noel, BCPA, HealthWhiz Solutions

May 11th Medication and Medical Records Yashar Rafi, PharmD, ISMP and  Leslie Farrington, MD

June 8th  Prepare for your Doctor's Visit

July 13th Infection Control / Prevention

August 10th Use and Advocate / Be an Advocate for others

September 14th

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If you have a topic you would like addressed - please contact  516-579-4711 at least 1 month before the meeting if possible.

Disclaimer: The information which is shared during Pulse meetings and programs does not constitute professional advice and should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis and treatment of any illness either physical, mental or emotional.  Continue here