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• The death rate of African American women who are pregnant is higher than white women regardless of education level.

• The breast cancer death rate is 40% higher for African American women.

• Overall, doctors spend less time with African American patients.

• African American people are given less pain medication.                        

• There is extensive evidence and research that finds unconscious biases can lead to
differential treatment of patients by race, gender, weight, age, language, income and
insurance status.

• Racial health disparities are associated with substantial annual economic losses
nationally, including an estimated $35 billion in excess health care expenditures, $10
billion in illness-related lost productivity, and nearly $200 billion in premature deaths.

• New York City hospitals that mainly serve African-American expectant mothers have
severe complication rates two-and-a-half times higher than those that mainly serve white
mothers, even after you factor in patient complexities.

• In New York City, African-American women are 12 times more likely to die before, during
and after childbirth than white women — a gap almost four times wider than the country as a whole.

• Even subtle cues – like body language – can differ in patient-doctor interactions,
depending on a doctor’s biases and whether a patient is white or black.