2023 Patient Safety  Symposium - The Current Landscape of Patient Safety: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

2022 Our First Virtual Symposium -TakeCHARGE: 5 Steps to Safer Health Care-Communication is Key

2019 Patient Safety Symposium -  Patient Safety and Health Equity in Vulnerable Patient Populations

2018 Patient Safety Symposium -  Twenty-Three Local Nonprofit Organizations Attend

2017 Patient Safety Symposium -  Infection Prevention: It Begins With You!

2016 Patient Safety Symposium -  Medication Safety; It Starts Before the Prescription

2015 Patient Safety Symposium -  Just Culture

2014 Patient Safety Symposium -  Diagnostic Errors

From the Beginning; Through the years


PULSE representatives present to groups of people in the community asking “What do you know about your physician?” in response to legislation pending in NY State for Physician Profiles


PULSE of NY officially formed with monthly support groups led by laypersons for survivors of medical injury


- PULSE develops patient safety educational program

- Attends National Patient Safety Foundation 2nd annual conference in Chicago


- PULSE becomes a nonprofit organization and receives a grant from the Long Island Community Foundation

- Board is created, including a mix of medical professionals and community members

- PULSE credited with helping pass the Patient Health Information and Quality Improvement Act of 2000 (NY State physician profiles giving NY State a patient safety center)


- PULSE president selected co-chair National Patient Safety Foundation Patient and Family Advisory Committee 2001-2004

- PULSE develops disclosure training for medical students, used at a local medical school


- PULSE spearheads Patient Safety Awareness Week and the PSAW Patient Safety Marathon Run 26.2 miles

- PULSE president takes a position at a local hospital doing patient safety research


PULSE president joins board of National Patient Safety Foundation lasts through 2017


- Work groups organized in the community to study patients who need advocates and how PULSE might support them

- PULSE, with healthcare professionals and community members, develops a one-hour patient safety presentation for the community


PULSE president appointed to The Joint Commission Board of Commissioners stays on through 2018


- Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training (FCPA) Manual written with support of national patient safety leaders

- Classroom curriculum developed for FCPA with 16 participants at the Wantagh, Long Island Library

- PULSE of NY holds a community health fair in Freeport congregation following a half marathon run celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week

- PULSE president authors Teaching Patient Safety, an Educator’s Guide

- Start of 2-year contract working with large NY City Health System

- PULSE president appointed to Joint Commission Health Literacy Roundtable

- PULSE president receives Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Cheers Award

- High school curriculum developed for middle school and high school, Long Island NY


- PULSE of NY selected Long Island Women’s Agenda “Organization of the Year”

- Develops white paper Critical Communication:  Using Plain Language to Reduce Medical Errors

- PULSE President begins one year tour with AIG / NPSF to hospitals with Vital Smart to lecture on communication

- PULSE president awarded scholarship to NPSF/American Hospital Association Patient Safety Leadership Training

- PULSE president testifies at NY State Joint Hearing Improving Patient Safety in New York: Understanding and Improving the Current System


- Patient Safety Advisory Council developed as fellowship project with support from North Shore LIJ Health System, Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund and Nassau Suffolk Hospital Council

- PULSE president selected as one of Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare

- PULSE President appointed to Joint Commission LGBT work group


- PULSE of NY contracts with large, local health system to develop, implement and chair system-wide Patient and Family Advisory Council

- PULSE President appointed board member of newly formed ACOG Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare

- Board member Dr. Leslie Farrington receives award from Soroptimist International Nassau County Chapter for her community education in patient safety

- Community-based 6-month patient empowerment series with guest speakers, Freeport, Long Island

- PULSE Board Chair Dr. Farrington joins ACOG Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare work group

- PULSE president recognized by Becker Hospital Review as one of the Top 50 Leading Experts in Patient Safety


- Professionals for Patient Safety starts with monthly dinner meetings, Freeport, Long Island

- Professionals for Patient Safety (PPS) conducts first symposium on advance directives, hospice and palliative care, Long Island, NY

- PULSE hosts first annual symposium on patient safety. Topic: Diagnostic Errors. Keynote by Joint Commission’s Medical Director Dr. Ron Wyatt and Author, Trisha Torrey


 -Strategic plan completed. Plan includes name change and updated mission


- David Marx JD, on “Just Culture.” Program Chair, Robin Moulder, RN


- Symposium: Michael Cohen Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)

- Contract with major health system to help support their work with transgender population

- Women of Color project begins with filming of documentary led by Dr. Leslie Farrington and Ms. Beverly James RN, PULSE Board Members

- Family Centered Patient Advocacy to be taught at local university

- Meeting with Nova University in Florida

- Marissa Abram PhD, RN becomes PULSE Board Chair


- Patient Safety Advisory Council becomes Healthcare Equality Project with new website - www.healthcareequality.org

- PULSE of NY changes name to Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (CPSEA) and updates Mission, Vision and Values

- Symposium: Infection Prevention

- Pulse CPSEA receives 1-year grant from LIUU Fund for Ask For Your Life led by Board members Leslie Farrington, MD and Beverly James, RN, BSN


- Marissa Abram, PhD, Ilene Corina and David Halperin are published in the Patient Safety in Obstetrics and Gynecology issue of the peer reviewed journal Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America 

- Pulse CPSEA develops Patient Activation through Community Conversations (PACC) in virtual and in-person versions, and holds five sessions with positive reviews

- Symposium for local nonprofit organizations / Patient Safety Education Fund is open


- Pulse celebrates the first World Patient Safety Day with the Campaign Sign the Pledge

- Symposium on Healthcare Disparities welcomes case managers, social workers, medical professionals and community representing LGBTQ, Limited English proficiency and Alzheimer’s / dementia caregivers