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Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training: Learn to Be a Patient's Advocate or Support Person for People You Care About.

Medical Professionals, Social Workers, Caregivers, New Mothers, Members of a Religious Community - Everyone Welcome!  Learn about patient safety and advocacy, critical communication skills and being a support for a patient or the whole family. Learn more here

The Healthcare Equality Project

The Pulse Healthcare Equality Project is an independent, community-based program dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical care for patients belonging to at-risk groups: ethnic and racial minorities, those who have certain specific diseases, and those belonging to any vulnerable or discriminated-against community outside the mainstream. Learn more here


PPS - People for Patient Safety

Usually the second Monday evening of the month. Talk is about a scheduled topic related to patient care, patient safety and / or patient advocacy.  The mix of healthcare professionals and non healthcare professionals makes this program supportive, engaging and educational.  Learn when the next PPS will be here

PACC - Patient Activation through Community Conversations

Patient Activation through Community Conversations (PACC) is a program where people share their experiences so others can take away important information that would be of benefit to someone as a caregiver, someone recently receiving a new diagnosis or entering the healthcare system. PACC encourages finding solutions through what has worked for others.  See when the next program will be here

Patient Safety Education Fund

The Pulse Patient Safety Education Fund is a program designed to support patient safety initiatives presently on Long Island affecting any of its three million residents in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Projects should foster patients’ and families’ knowledge about patient safety and the patient and family engagement that improve treatment outcomes.​ Learn more here

The TakeCHARGE Campaign

The TakeCHARGE Campaign is an ambitious public awareness campaign that has significant potential to improve patient safety by encouraging people to become informed and active participants in their healthcare team with 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare! Learn more here