Get Better Acquainted with the Health Care System or Learn About Becoming a Patient Advocate for Friends, Family or as a Profession At Pulse CPSEA we will continue to support you on your journey.

You can host and /or attend a live training, usually in 3 sessions, three hours each.  In your business for your staff, community members or your own friends and family.  See details below and give us a call today to plan now for the next program.  516.579.4711

Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy


The course may be virtual via Zoom or in person. Virtual programs are in three sessions.
Participants must attend all sessions in order to be awarded their Certificate of Completion.
Enrollment is limited to 25 people with a minimum of fifteen people who complete the registration and payment process.  Classes may be structured for specific groups: age, diagnosis, population, etc.

Comments from past attendees

"Excellent program! Loved all the interactions too."

"Course was excellent!  Informative & interesting. The presenter couldn't have been better"

"The case studies really helped to actually be in the advocates shoes and think on the spot. Great Class!"

"I learned some very valuable communication techniques that will help in my role as a staff trainer and advocate for families."

"Very informative! I really enjoyed the content of the class!"

Patient Safety Shouldn't Be an Afterthought!


Learn to Be a Patient's Advocate or Support Person for Those You Care Most About

No Clinical Training - Medical Professionals, Social Workers, Caregivers, New Mothers, Members of a Religious Community - Everyone Welcome!


Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

Host a class!

Minimum 10 Participants / Maximum 25 Participants

Class is followed by years of Pulse support

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Call to book a class - allow 6 weeks planning

Scholarships and reduced rates may be available.  To learn more or host a class,  call (516) 579-4711 or e-mail [email protected]

Learn and Practice:

  • Active Listening
  • Communication Skills
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Patient Safety  - Falls, Infection, Literacy, Medication, Surgery 
  • Improving: Patient, Client, Family Outcomes
  • Patient Bill of Rights
  • Advance Directives

And so much more!!!

Beginners Welcome!  No experience needed or expected!

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From Roberta
November 2019
"Thank you so much for the Patient Advocacy Class.
I do not have enough positive adjectives to describe how terrific I thought it was.
Interesting, informative and inspirational, are just three that come to mind.
You took a topic that might have been presented in a “cut and dry” manner, and created something memorable.
The interactive activities (although I hate to participate) were so useful in giving us a real taste of what advocacy is like.
You are a wealth of information.
Your passion shows through. Although Pulse was born from a personal tragedy, you have grown something that helps so many. I’m sure your effect has a ripple effect that effects even more than you know about.
Pulse has armed me with a different way of thinking."
You also provided us with many printed items that we can refer to - which I love (and need.)
Thank you again for everything you do.
I am grateful to have met you and so glad I took the class.

Be Ready - Help Family and Friends!                        PATIENT SAFETY SHOULDN'T BE AN AFTERTHOUGHT!

Patients may not be in a position to be active in their care and they may need to focus all their energy on getting well.

An advocate is crucial to the patient's care. But what exactly does an advocate do? Who would make a good patient safety advocate?

The person who loves the patient most may not be the best advocate. His or her emotions may get in the way of good communication and helping in clear decision making.

Family-Centered Patient Advocacy Training will help prepare participants to be a patient safety advocate for one person or the whole family!  Classes on Long Island since 2006.

Please call for more information (516) 579-4711 or e-mail [email protected]

Pre-Registration Required – No Walk Ins


About Pulse and Our Program
To date we have trained hundreds of people in small groups to become Family Centered Patient Advocates.

"Everyone should take the advocacy training.  It prepared me in helping my loved ones to understand that they need to take charge when it comes to navigating the healthcare system and the importance of awareness of patient safety in controlling the quality of their care."                                              Chira B.


"PULSE's Patient Advocacy Training provided an exceptional learning experience!  The experts packed each session with great insights and fun exercises to anchor the information.  Using the knowledge and tools developed in the class, I was amazed at how quickly my advocacy skills improved!  This is "must have" training for anyone committed to becoming an effective patient advocate!"                                                                                                                    David F.


"Nearly everyone starts as a patient and ends as a patient.  In between, we may be called on to be advocates for friends and family members, or to find an advocate who can speak for us.  As a FCPA participant, I learned how to help others navigate the healthcare system and how best to support their healthcare goals.  The skills I learned helped me facilitate important conversations within my own family, and to help my own parents when they needed someone to advocate on their behalf.  I highly recommend this training!"                                                                                                                                  Sima M.