Are You Tired of Being Told That Medical Staff Can’t Talk to You Because of HIPAA? 

April 2019


Here is what you will usually find on the HIPAA form:

“Unless you object, we may disclose health information about you to a family member, close friend or any other person you identify, including clergy who are involved in your care.  These disclosures are limited to information relevant to the person’s involvement in your care or in arranging payment for your care.”  Here is more information on HIPAA  that can be found on the Pulse CPSEA website.  

At Pulse, we will never ask a patient or family to sign a HIPAA release when we act as your advocate.  We do not need information about you - without you.  Any time we are invited to be your advocate or that of a family member, it is to be sure the patient and/or family understands the information and care plan.  As your advocates, we are not your decision-makers, we are your support. 

Decide before you choose your advocate what you want them to do for you or with you.  You can find a sample on the Pulse Support page.