July 2019

While articles in the news and scientific studies continue to show that patient and family involvement in patient safety can improve outcomes in care, Pulse has been conducting training for the past thirteen years helping the families and friends of patients understand their roles in patient safety improvement.  Since the Pulse book Family Centered Patient Advocacy was published in 2006, Pulse has trained hundreds of people including healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, social workers and community members on the best ways to be an advocate.  With the first half of the eight hour course focusing on patient safety and the second half on communication, participants come away with skills not only in understanding many of the complex healthcare systems but also in how to build a trusting relationship between the patient and medical team.  Learn more here

May and June, 2019 Patient Safety Advocacy Training Graduates

Above: The Defenders

The Birth Justice Defenders are community members from all over New York City who want to help others stand up for their rights during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-partum period, and have come together to raise awareness and advocate for respectful and dignified care at birth.