Pulse CPSEA in 2019

Everything human is imperfect, so the struggle to empower patients and their families, to reduce risk of medical error and to improve treatment outcomes in healthcare is never-ending. But progress is being made and Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy is still at the forefront. Every year, Pulse contributes more to this effort.

In 2019 Pulse CPSEA:

  • Held a major symposium focused on improving the healthcare experiences of three vulnerable groups: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer / Question (LGBTQ) people,  family members and caregivers  of people living with Alzheimer’s disease / dementia and people with limited proficiency in English as well as experts in these fields.  This day-long program united members of those groups with healthcare professionals and case managers. The meeting’s findings were reported in a soon-to-be-published white paper, Patient Safety and Health Equity in Vulnerable Patient Populations.



  • Hosted monthly “Professionals for Patient Safety” meetings where current or former members of the health care workforce, patient advocates, and people who care for others as caregivers gather to talk about patient safety in any area of healthcare.


  • Conducted two courses in Family-Centered Patient Advocacy, training individuals to be advocates for those around them, or as professionals.  Also held a series of trainings in Spanish and English for Community Advocates.



  • Published numerous articles, media releases and other materials about the opioid crisis and medication safety, Alzheimer’s disease, post-acute care, hospital discharge planning and the “teach back” technique. Pulse also ran a patient safety essay contest among Adelphi University nursing students.and gave out two grants to local organizations to do work in patient safety.  Read some of this information here. 


  • Responded to numerous calls, e-mails and bedside advocacy for patient and family support.


  • Created a “Take the Patient Safety Pledge” project in conjunction with the new World Patient Safety Day. 


  • Conceived a new major public awareness campaign to launch in March 2020 called “TakeCharge”, teaching people how to take five steps that will improve their quality of care.  Coming soon!


These are just the highlights. Every day, Pulse CPSEA works from the grassroots up to help prevent medical error and empower patients and communities. Please visit Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy to learn more!

Learn more and get involved!  Call 516-579-4711 to see how you can be part of this great team!!


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