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ACES is the 4th Monday of Each Month at 5:00 PM EST if You Want to Mark Your Calendar

ACES is for Everyone, Regardless of Your Knowledge of the Healthcare System

Nicole Broadhurst, BCPA

Advocating for Patient Financial Safety

Nicole Broadhurst, BCPA

Tennessee Health Advocates, LLC

January 23, 2023 5:00 PM ET

Room Opens 15 Minutes Early for Networking


Nicole Broadhurst, BCPA & Founder of Tennessee Health Advocates, routinely takes on the toughest medical billing issues and challenges for her clients.  Her tenacity and attention to detail, coupled with her many years of experience as a Practice Administrator, make her uniquely qualified to dig into the details of the most complex billing issues and hold insurance companies accountable to complying with federal and state laws that protect patients from billing errors and financial ruin due to uncovered or inaccurate health care expenses.

Nicole will share personal experiences and case studies to highlight the three most common healthcare financial risks to patients and their families, as well as specific strategies to mitigate medical billing errors and when to seek the assistance of a professional advocate to level the playing field, challenge the insurance industry’s billing practices and minimize unwanted financial pressure and stress from medical bills.

Pulse ACES program, 'Advocating for Patient Financial Safety' is approved for 1.0 General CE by the Patient Advocate Certification Board to satisfy the requirements for Board Certified Patient Advocates (BCPA).
Approval Number: 18248 Approval Active: 1/23/2023-1/22/2025

Pulse CPSEA does not charge for membership and encourages all people to participate in our programs. To help offset the costs of our programs we do request a fee of $20 to process CEs for Board Certified Patient Advocates (BCPAs). If due to hardship you cannot pay the fee, please contact Pulse at 516.579.4711 before the program so arrangements can be made.

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Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (Pulse CPSEA) programs create a national venue to welcome and engage people who use the healthcare system.  This includes caregivers and patient advocates, regardless of background or training.  We share knowledge, experience and resources to improve the effectiveness of all persons who serve others in their healthcare journey. Programs are usually videotaped and then shared on the Pulse Patient Safety Advocate Academy. 

Pulse CPSEA is a community based patient safety organization so priority is given to proposals that focus on safe patient care and patient and family empowerment.  Proposals will be considered for CE’s for Board Certified Patient Advocates and must be submitted at least 90 days before the planned presentation date.

If you are interested in becoming a presenter, please complete the form and someone from the Pulse Leadership Team will contact you.

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About ACES

MISSION: To create a national venue to welcome and engage patient advocates, regardless of background or training, to share knowledge, experience and resources to improve the effectiveness of all persons who serve others as patient advocates.   

ADVOCATES: Patient advocates have diverse backgrounds & experience.  

Independent Patient Advocates 

Professionally trained patient advocates, who through education & training, are qualified or certified to provide patient advocacy services privately to individuals and groups.  

Institutional (Assigned) Patient Advocates 

Professionally trained patient advocates, who through education or experience, are qualified or certified to provide patient advocate services that are employed/paid by an organization, insurer or health care provider.

Caregiver Advocates 

Individuals (patients, family members, friends or caregivers) who have become patient advocates as a result of their knowledge and personal experience as a caregiver that has accepted responsibility for advocating on behalf of a patient.

PROGRAM: A 1-hour meeting on Zoom.  Topics are selected in advance from participant suggestions.  Meeting begins with a brief 20-30  minute presentation by subject expert(s) followed by guided group discussion where participants share their experiences. Sessions close with a brief Question & Answer (Q&A) period.  Opportunity for participants to network & share information before and after session.  Polls/surveys will be utilized to elicit feedback on meetings, presenters, issues and future topics.