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ACES is the 4th Monday of Each Month at 5:00 PM EST if You Want to Mark Your Calendar

ACES is for Everyone, Regardless of Your Knowledge of the Healthcare System

Doing End of Life Right: The End-of Life Journey


Date: Monday, August 22, 2022                                                                                 

Time: 5:00 PM Eastern Time   

Room opens 15 minutes early for networking         


Susan Capurso - CEOLD
Susan Capurso is an End of Life Doula, Legacy Creator, Course Creator, Consultant and Author of "Remember Me - The Story of My Life",  "Before You Go" and "Coming Full Circle."

Many patients and families experience overwhelming fear and anxiety when dealing with end-of-life care. Susan Capurso, Long Island’s Certified End of Life Doula (CEOLD), has been a leader in educating patients, families, caregivers, and the public to experience end of life care as a journey that is a peaceful, graceful and loving experience.

Providing invaluable guidance and strength at a time of need in a family’s life, Susan shares tools, tips and ideas to help families understand and accept their journey and celebrate their life. By learning some of the tools and techniques, patients and families learn to understand the key components of a person’s timeline, which can lead to acceptance, comfort and peace during this most difficult time.

As Susan says, “To share an end-of-life experience with another is an honor and a privilege. Learning how to serve one another in this capacity is a blessing for each one of us.”

As a Doula, she supports and guides an individual and their family holistically, emotionally, practically and spiritually in their End of Life journey while specializing in leaving their stories and memories for generations to come. She does this for both End of Life Individuals and for people who are vibrant and healthy, enabling them to leave their stories and experiences in writing, video and audio, while the memories are clear and concise. After all, we are all the Ancestor's today.  Learn more and read her full bio here               

This program is awaiting approval from the Patient Advocate Certification Board for Continuing Education Credits (CEs) for Board Certified Patient Advocates. If approved, Pulse charges a fee of $20 to process CEs.  This may be paid up to 48 hours following the program to receive CEs.                                                                           

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ACES is the 4th Monday of each month 5:00 PM EST if you would like to mark your calendar

The Leadership Team; Planning Programs for You

Cathy Bond, BCPA - Founder
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David Fielding, MPH, BCPA CEO
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Greater National Advocates

About ACES

MISSION: To create a national venue to welcome and engage patient advocates, regardless of background or training, to share knowledge, experience and resources to improve the effectiveness of all persons who serve others as patient advocates.   

ADVOCATES: Patient advocates have diverse backgrounds & experience.  

Independent Patient Advocates 

Professionally trained patient advocates, who through education & training, are qualified or certified to provide patient advocacy services privately to individuals and groups.  

Institutional (Assigned) Patient Advocates 

Professionally trained patient advocates, who through education or experience, are qualified or certified to provide patient advocate services that are employed/paid by an organization, insurer or health care provider.

Caregiver Advocates 

Individuals (patients, family members, friends or caregivers) who have become patient advocates as a result of their knowledge and personal experience as a caregiver that has accepted responsibility for advocating on behalf of a patient.

PROGRAM: A 1-hour meeting on Zoom.  Topics are selected in advance from participant suggestions.  Meeting begins with a brief 20-30  minute presentation by subject expert(s) followed by guided group discussion where participants share their experiences. Sessions close with a brief Question & Answer (Q&A) period.  Opportunity for participants to network & share information before and after session.  Polls/surveys will be utilized to elicit feedback on meetings, presenters, issues and future topics.