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Making Hospital Discharges Safe:  What Families Need to Know!

When:             Monday, January 24, 2022

Time:               5:00 pm EST - Room opens 15 minutes early for networking

Speaker:         David Fielding, MPH, BCPA

David Fielding, MPH, BCPA
David Fielding, MPH, BCPA

Description:  In his program, David will discuss the risks that make hospital discharges a dangerous time for patients. Families are overwhelmed with complex information and are often not prepared to handle their role in the discharge process.  The fear that something will go wrong may be justified, as research shows that nearly one third of all medical errors occur during transitions of care, when patients are discharged from the hospital.

About David:  David is a Board Certified Patient Advocate and the director of Engage Caring Solutions. He is a passionate leader committed to improving the lives of residents in nursing homes.  His unique background as a highly regarded licensed nursing home administrator and knowledgeable regulator in the New York metropolitan area make him one of the most qualified experts in his field.  Throughout his career, David has earned his reputation as a stickler for detail and for holding surveyors, staff and owners accountable for delivering resident care and service that meets or exceeds residents’ needs on a daily basis. 


Pulse programs are free but there is a fee of $20 to process CE's for Board Certified Patient Advocates ‘Making Hospital Discharges Safe: What Families Need to Know!’ is approved for 1 CE by the Patient Advocate Certification Board to satisfy therequirements for Board Certified Patient Advocates (BCPA). Program Approval Code 18184.  Please use this code when registering and making payment.

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