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All programs are followed by a discussion but we do not include the discussion in our videos.  Please consider attending our programs to be part of the discussion.

Linda Fostek, The Crisis Planner April 2021
Rosemary Gibson, China RX, May 2021
February 8, 2021 Gabrielle Gussin, MS
March 8, 2021, Mark Graber MD, FACP Diagnostic Errors
How Bias Affects Patient Outcomes January 2021
L. Bradley Schwartz Greater National Advocates December 2020
Bruce Hirsch MD- March 2020 Helping us Understand COVID-19
Handwashing, With Dr. Ed Pollak July 2020
Preparing for Your Medical Appointment June 2020
Hospital Discharge, The Danger Zone. September 2020
Planetree, October 2020