2017 Newsletters

See what you may have missed in 2017

January 2017 Welcome in the New Year

February 2017 Conflict Resolution Discussion at PPS Meeting

March 2017 Patient Safety Awareness Week

April 2017 Healthcare Decisions Day

May 2017 Remembering Orlando

June 2017 Remembering Orlando Follow Up

July 2017 Comedy Show Tickets on Sale

August 2017 Teach Back

September 2017 Preparing for a Hospital Stay

October 2017 Part I – Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Racial Disparities

October 2017 Part II – Breast Cancer and Misdiagnosis

October 2017 Part III – Breast Cancer and Infection Prevention

November 2017 Opinion: The ‘Opioid Crisis’ Needs More Than a Public Health Emergency Declaration

December 2017 New Tool for Protecting and Supporting Patients in Hospital

December 2017 Are You Prepared to be a Patient Advocate or Assistant